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Hosted by serial killer expert Rachael Bell, along with Ty Goldthwait and Kinsey Keller

About the Hosts

Rachael Bell, MS, LPC
Rachael Bell has master’s degrees in both clinical forensic and health psychology and worked for Time Warner/CourtTV’s Crime Library writing more than 70 feature stories on major cases, such as O.J. Simpson, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy. She worked for more than fifteen years as a mental-health therapist in psychiatric hospitals and forensic institutes in Europe and the U.S., specializing in sex offenders. Her vast experience in abnormal psychology and the legal system has provided her with unique insight into criminal and deviant behaviors.

Ty Goldthwait
Ty Goldthwait worked for the last 6 years in the field of human services at a state-run behavioral health facility. He has a B.A in Psychology from the State University of New York at Oswego. His experience is varied, including working as a substitute counselor for a local NGO located near his university and as an ambulance driver.

Kinsey Keller, MS, LPC
Kinsey Keller has her Master’s in Counseling, focusing on psychology and childhood development. She worked at the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution and later, in Nebraska, at an inpatient psychiatric unit for 7 years. Kinsey moved to South Carolina where she worked as a counselor in an inpatient addiction facility, specializing in family and Equine therapy. She currently works as a licensed counselor in her private practice in South Carolina and also conducts psychiatric evaluations at Georgia hospitals.

About the Podcast

What's in the mind of a serial killer and what motivates them to strike? What makes a psychopath? Why are some serial killers so hard to catch? Learn about some of the most shocking cases in history and how the killers were brought to justice. It's all in Crimes UnlimitedTM.

About Sexual Obsessions
by Rachael Bell

A sexual obsession can begin as a fantasy that can evolve into a compulsion. This story delves into sexual obsessions so weird as to almost be entertaining, except that they can lead to serious injury, criminal assault, and death.

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